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 Shenzhen Audi Electronics Co. Ltd., specializing in computer, communications, industrial control, instrumentation and consumer electronics connector cable, metal car parts R & D, production and sales; two manufacturing factory under: car parts hardware factory, connector factory. The company was founded in early twentieth Century, with the "Odia" brand trademark. The company's products have obvious advantages and a large market share of the products are: pin row pin socket, 1.0,1.27,1.778,2.0,2.54,3.96mm mother, a full range of circular pin row spacing, hole IC block, high current loading DB, DB needle, needle needle DR, car DP, metal car parts, the power of the aging needle sleeve, with claw spring PIN the needle, Jane cattle horn, electronic wiring harness; CPU protection base etc..
The company's products have been sold to the mainland, Hongkong, Taiwan, China Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other domestic and foreign markets, and one of the world's top 500: BOSCH; ASUS the world's largest motherboard manufacturer; and domestic well-known enterprises: Hisense Hisense, Dechang motor, TCL, XJ electric, Scud; military enterprise China Ordnance Group (Shaanxi) companies to establish a long-term stable cooperative partnership.
Since its inception, the company adhere to the professional, automated development policy. The company's products from the mold design and development, product injection molding, metal stamping car PIN, automated assembly, and strive to provide customers with reliable connection products. The company has the world's leading production equipment and testing equipment from Europe and the United States and Taiwan and other regions. At the same time there are a number of years of technical elite and management team.
The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ROHS environmental certification, the introduction of the advanced ERP management system, perfect management system and advanced operation mechanism so that the company can to respond quickly to market changes and seize market opportunities. Audi Asia through unremitting efforts, has developed into China electronic connector industry has a prominent influence on the enterprise; is one of the metal parts, connectors, cable assemblies, domestic manufacturers more competitive.
The company has always regarded the quality as the enterprise life, adhere to the quality of the market, to the management of the effectiveness of the business philosophy; always adhere to the leading technology innovation and brand strategy. We always adhere to the "market oriented, customer satisfaction," the purpose, and constantly strive to open up, and customers and win-win development.




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